The Importance of UX Research in Banking sphere in 2022

The global lockdown significantly affected people behavior not only in real life, but in the virtual world as well. During pre-Covid era, banks were successfully able to overcome various kinds of obstacles that an end user could face with them. At least, they could always rely on personal communication. Nowadays, modern conditions have greatly complicated the situation.

In 2022, clients expect 90% of issues with a financial organization to be solved remotely, that is, through mobile banking applications and built-in chatbots. If remote communication with the bank is difficult to carry out, customers tend to migrate to its competitors. And this is a trending feature initiated by the pandemic – just within 2 years’ period COVID pushed mobile banking to be in demand at the same level of basic consumption patterns.

UI/UX research in mobile banking

RBS development first of all implies a clear understanding of application users’ wants and needs. Being the task of UX researchers, these specialists firstly face customer requests in the process of creating convenient user paths and experiences.

UX design is of critical importance in the banking industry. The frequency of interaction the user is ready to have with the mobile banking application depends on the ease (and speed) he finds the service he needs. And, as a result, it affects the loyalty of the client, whether he stays with his bank or goes to competitors that have more advanced remote payment technology.

In addition, smartphones have become the main means the users access their bank accounts and payment cards with. Therefore, the trend to implement mobile applications and remote services is the best business response to consumer demands. The problem is that creating a bank's own RBS takes a lot of time and resources. While the modern financial services market requires instant solutions.

UI/UX design in Doocat mobile banking

Doocat mobile banking is a turnkey business solution. This is an RBO created simultaneously both for the business and for its clients.

For two years, our specialists have been conducting a detailed UI/UX study on Internet banking users’ behavior. Deep analysis of financial consumers’ behavioral patterns showed what a convenient banking application should be like in 2022.

The research team studied each region from the point of view how banks and financial institutions operated in reality. As a result, Doocat was developed not as a universal solution for all market players, but as an individual one for each. Islamic banking, interface mobility, customization - are just a small part of Doocat's ready-made hyper-personalized solutions.

Based on each region data, maps of customer journey in mobile and web banking, as well as all possible scenarios of consumer activity were drawn and calculated. Ultimately, a product was created that can make banking convenient not only for financial institutions, but also for their customers.

How UI/UX design helped Doocat to become a one-stop solution for the business and its customers

Doocat, on one hand, fully satisfies the financial institution needs, and on the other, fully understands its consumers’ wants. Due to the intuitive design and easy-to-use interface of the application, the users of financial services organizations will be able to easily navigate in the mobile banking application and make instant transfers and payments just within one window. All main and secondary functions are "at a distance" of one or two clicks allowing customers to easily find the services they need, which means to be in a more frequent cooperation with the bank.

For financial institutions, the intuitive design makes it easy to manage large volumes of data, automate and scale the business. Doocat, as a multifunctional tool, provides banks with the opportunity to:

• assign managers in the application;

• choose advertisement banners inside Doocat;

• receive online requests for credit confirmation;

• to conduct live communication chats with customers; and much more.

Thanks to the high-quality UI/UX design, Doocat is a comprehensive offer that covers the needs of entire market segments and creates a new culture of bank communication with customers. Just start the active implementation of innovative solutions in the field of finance, banking and retail with the help of one simple tool - Doocat RBS and become the leader in your industry.

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