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Doocat eWallet is created and designed to simplify financial workflow and process transactions in online environment instant and secure.
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eWallet as a part of Doocat infrastructure, is designed to simplify financial operations and make transactions in the online mode instant and more convenient.

Doocat eWallet is a multifunctional and easy-to-use solution which allows to use digital money almost with no restrictions.

Doocat eWallet users will be able to pay for government services, utility bills and make instant purchases without entering account details. Thanks to such a wide functionality, its users will no longer need to use other e-wallets.

Card attachment to Doocat wallet

Doocat is a complete digital ecosystem that allows customers to attach their bank cards to Doocat wallet and pay for goods and services with 0% commission.

Prepaid card

Doocat includes a wide range of account and finance management capabilities and provides access to the issuance of personal prepaid cards. It is a simple and convenient way to make instant transfers in a closed ecosystem.

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