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Doocat performs digitization of traditional banking saving money and time both for banks and its customers
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Mobile banking  

Doocat high-tech platform is a simple and secure way to perform daily financial transactions through mobile banking application. Thanks to the technically advanced workflows and multifunctionality, Doocat changes the way services are provided and grants its users with a wide range of opportunities of the self-service. This makes banking services simple and affordable for ordinary consumers and increases the operational efficiency of financial institutions. With the solutions designed by Doocat team you will be able to provide quality financial services anywhere in the world and get one step closer to your customers. Doocat mobile banking is an opportunity to perform not only basic financial transactions, but also:

Make smart transfers

  • - Make smart transfers to another Doocat user;
  • - Make transfers to other accounts and e-wallets;
  • - Make transactions in different currencies;
  • - Make auto payments and payments by templates.

Get all necessary information within the application

  • - Solve issues by chat bots and conversational banking;
  • - Request data on credits and deposits;
  • - Request balance and transaction data.

Manage accounts

  • - Set limits on transactions and amounts;
  • - Hide details, balance and other account data.

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