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Doocat provides the best personalized solutions in one platform. The platform is tailored to help you meet the needs of your customers putting the bank in their pockets!
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Digitalization Solutions  

Doocat platform contains everything your corporate clients may need. The Platform is tailored to provide a full range of solutions for corporate clients of all levels.

Corporate Banking

Nowadays market challenges banks to develop and modernize more and more. Customer needs and demands grow daily. It is increasingly difficult for small and mid-size banks to compete with larger competitors, especially in the corporate banking sector.

Retail Banking

Doocat online banking system for physical and legal entities allows financial institution employees to approve or reject transactions online. With the roles’ allocation, each assigned employee is responsible for their own part of the payment order approval process.

Payment System

Doocat payment system allows to perform all the necessary operations just in a few clicks. The application interface is designed the way that even new users can easily manage their finances.

Islamic Banking

Doocat team is deeply experienced in developing and integrating its own solutions and services to meet the needs and goals of any financial institution in different regions. As a key player in the financial services market, Doocat could not pass by such an important segment as Islamic Banking.

And More - Cuustom Solutions Built on a Platform  

Our flexible and mature DigiWave platform enables us to respond to your digital needs with custom solutions that are rapidly launched, smartly integrated across channels, and effortlessly scaled in the future.
  • Digital customer onboarding & product origination
  • Remote acount opening
  • Loan origination
  • OPen banking solutuions
  • Self-service banking
  • Workflow and task management
  • Authentication & identity management
  • Payment solutions
  • Shared payment platforms
  • Agent/broker management
  • Back office management

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