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Doocat omnichannel online banking platform is both a simple and innovative solution for your business. In the modern digital environment, the key criteria to evaluate a banking application are its easy navigation and smooth operation. So, these were the criteria that our team of professional developers and UI / UX designers were led by when creating the application interface. Doocat automates banking services, saving customers time and money. It is a universal platform that provides whole banking services right in the user’s device just in one click.

Wide range of payment services

  • - electronic commerce;
  • - payment of taxes and fees;
  • - payment for goods and services with NFC and QR Code technology.

Free movement of funds

  • - intrabank and interbank transfers;
  • - international transfers;
  • - transfer by phone number from the contact list;
  • - replenishment of accounts and electronic wallet.

Transparency of reporting

  • - Transaction history in offline mode;
  • - Graphical display of reports based on financial data;
  • - Statistics of fund movements between accounts for a selected period of time;
  • - Electronic receipts and possibility to save reports in PDF format.

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