Doocat team participated in the International PLUS-Forum “Fintech without Borders. Digital Eurasia"

Taking part in the International PLUS-Forum “Fintech without Borders. Digital Eurasia”, Doocat

team was actively involved in the discussions on the modern trends of the banking industry development and of the innovative opportunities in the field of customer service. During these discussions, issues and problems of the modern payment sector, such as possibilities of eliminating operational difficulties and improving the customer experience through new technologies were highlighted.

Goals of participation in the PLUS-Forum

Profit and stability during pandemic has been directly depending on how quickly a company can restructure its business processes and switch to the online platform. Participating in the forum Doocat team aimed to tell about the research carried out in the financial sector and its development trends, to present the innovations in banking sector and to help businesses reach a new level of income.

Doocat’s success in the forum

Doocat’s success in the forum was due to the presented innovative solutions. Thanks to the new technologies developed by Doocat team, businesses will be able to expand the scope and geography of their banking services and strengthen relationship with their customers. The team was able to surprise the forum participants with the wide functionality of the developed product and establish strong partnerships with colleagues from foreign countries. 

Why Asia is the center of fintech development?

Overview on the market development shows that despite the fact that the digital transformation of the interaction between the financial industry and its consumers goes on globally, Asian countries outstand in this sphere in comparison to other regions. Here, the demand rate for online banking is colossal and a significant part of the region's banking sector is actively responding to the market new demands. About 90% of the largest banks in Asia are in the process of switching to Open banking.

The transformation that traditional banks went through in 2020 had the tendency of transition to the online environment: 34% of banks in the world have already fully implemented digital processes and 18% have launched contactless payment methods. The demand for fast payment systems is growing day by day all over the world. In 2020-2021, the trend rates have been particularly high. Over the past year and a half, the volume of electronic payments and payments from bank cards in the world has grown by 4.6%.

What business problems does Doocat solve?

Doocat helps businesses to massively move financial and non-financial banking services from physical to digital world. Due to its high-tech and omnichannel nature, the program reduces the use of labor, automates dozens of business processes and simplifies the work of bank employees. Modules and capabilities are organically integrated into the flexible and stable infrastructure of Doocat, allowing:

The application is developed equally targeted both at banks and their customers. Financial organizations will be able to provide their clients with a wide range of financial services through a single digital product and respond to any consumer request. This is due to the fact that one application Doocat combines the following:

By combining different areas of financial services, bank customers get the opportunity to perform many financial and non-financial transactions just within one application: make online payments and money transfers, receive digital loans, P2P transfers, monitor balance and transaction reports, track graphical display on spending.

Doocat's team of professional UI/UX designers has created a user-friendly interface that allows to make any request just in one click. Due to its wide functionality and convenient navigation, Doocat contributes to the growth of transactional activity of the bank's customers, which in its turn contributes to business development.

The experience of banks shows that there are trends, following which is not a matter of choice, but a matter of necessity, such as the trend towards digitalization of services in the financial sector. Banks need to quickly respond to their clients’ demands in order to maintain their position in the financial market.

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