Doocat and EGS as the Gold Sponsor of the 2nd International PLUS-Forum “Fintech Borderless. Eurasia Digital”

About the forum

PLUS-Forum is an important milestone in the development of international financial cooperation. It is a unique platform of opportunities for businesses to find new partners, strengthen economic ties and share exceptional experience with leading experts from financial and banking sphere.

The 2nd International PLUS-Forum “Fintech without Borders. Digital Eurasia" venue is Almaty, Kazakhstan, October 27-28, 2021. The forum agenda includes presentations by experts in the fields of economics, financial technology and banking. Professionals from different countries of the world will be presenting reports on trending topics of banking industry’s digital transformation and how businesses are responding to the long-term epidemiological crisis.

EGS as the Gold sponsor of the 2nd International PLUS-Forum “Fintech without Borders. Digital Eurasia” will present Doocat - a unique high-tech remote banking system. This is an innovative RBS for legal entities and individuals, combining services and products of several financial sectors at once. Doocat integrates Islamic banking, corporate and retail services, e-wallet, contactless payment technologies and instant transfers.

This innovative development provides banks and financial institutions with a powerful tool for complete administration of financial services and 24/7 remote customer service. It is a ready flexible operating architecture that can be easily implemented into the business and can be adapted to any organization's requirements. 

Doocat, as an innovative technology, contributes to the digital transformation of banking operations, optimization and scaling of business. The system provides clients of financial institutions with ample opportunities for managing accounts and cards, remote requests for loan approval and access to online chat with bank employees. The system is a new powerful channel for effective communication between a business and its consumers. It is a universal answer to the question: "How to meet customers’ all financial needs within one application?"

EGS Executive Director Akim Raimovich will present Doocat at the PLUS-Forum “Fintech without Borders. Digital Eurasia" 

The report topic will be “Digital money and the acquiring infrastructure as the future of the financial sector. Increasing the business operational efficiency through innovative banking solutions”.

It’s a critically important report for nowadays financial services’ market. Due to the continuous technological development and increasing competition in the business environment, banks need to constantly improve their provided services. From the point of view of a client under the circumstances of high epidemiological risk, an important criterion for choosing a bank is the level of its high technology or, in other words, the range of financial and non-financial services that the bank is ready to provide in a remote way.

How Doocat is changing the future of fintech

The digitalization level of a system in modern conditions is an essential indicator for a business. To develop one’s own RBS platform in the shortest period of time, which will be capable of supporting an uninterrupted customer service in a remote way, is almost an impossible task. But this is no longer necessary since Doocat is an omnichannel solution that can provide customers with already an optimized digital banking.

One of the key drivers for a change in the financial sector is changing the consumer behavior. Today, all over the world, and in our country particularly, the demand for digital products of accounts and cards’ remote management is increasing, which indicates that the banking digitalization level is the second importance after its reputation, as a critically important criterion for its success.

Doocat has market best practices and best user solutions that enhance customer experience and drive operational efficiencies in the shortest possible time.

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