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Doocat Business Process Automation empowers companies to process repetitive work more efficiently, by automatically replicating tedious actions that have little value into the digital transformation of business processes, eliminating human factor errors and saving time to concentrate on more significant work, increasing productivity and expanding operational capacity.
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Business Process Automation Platform  

Modern financial services world is developing at a rapid pace, which results in qualitative changes in the banking sector, creates new challenges and requires to search for new solutions. Doocat provides a comprehensive business process automation solution. We actively introduce innovative technologies in the banking sector and provide full-fledged tools for automating business processes. Our solutions enable to deliver advanced digital financial services and increase customer satisfaction. Doocat business process automation enhances whole banking workflows, such as:

- issue cards and accounts remotely;
- request credits and deposits in the application;
- repay credits and replenish deposits;
- pay for utilities, telecommunication and other services;
- make transfers;
- make purchases in the marketplace;
- pay taxes.

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