Doocat Mobile Financial Solution is a complete mobile banking platform. It includes Bank side, Client side, Merchant side, and Administrative side components.

Doocat solution is a powerful new business tool for Mobile Devices, with which buying and selling is done instantly through the available mobile networks. The application has two separate end-user parts for Clients and Merchants. Doocat provides for selling products, creating Payment Orders, sending to Clients and receiving payments and other. Virtual cards are created and used. When the card is created, the user will select the proper settings for the card.

Doocat covers all major mobile banking needs. These include the Basic ones such as Mobile Account Viewing, Mobile Account fund transfers, as well as the mid-level Utility/service payment modules. In its full integration deployment, Doocat also provides the most advanced financial services such as Mobile money transfers to others, Mobile Order generation, Mobile Order payments and other functions.

There are three main parts in the application: M-Banking, M-Commerce and Service Payments. Service payments include Utility payments. Other services will be added in the future. The main functions for each section are listed below.

  • View accounts assigned to the virtual card
  • Check assigned bank or card account balance
  • Money transfer from one assigned account to another
  • Money transfer from assigned account to an account in other banks (from predefined list)
  • View latest transactions history
  • View last 10 confirmed transactions
  • View last 10 rejected transactions
  • Define a default account for the virtual card
  • Check for pending Payment Orders
  • Change account to be charged
  • Confirm Payment Order (make a payment)
  • Reject Payment Order
  • View latest orders history
  • Request a list of pending utility payments
  • Request Payment Order for utility payments
  • Make a payment for Phone (Beeline) service
  • Make a payment for Mobile Operators services
  • Make a payment for Gas, Water and Electricity
  • Make a group payment by UNIPAY