Innovative Financial Management System For All Platforms
M-Banking & M-Commerce
Doocat Mobile Banking is an intuitive and comprehensive platform for immediate use. With the help of Doocat, users, regardless of their location, can easily and simply implement entire spectrum of banking and payment services. Users can access their bank 24/7, check the balance of any account they have in the bank, make money transfers (from one account to another, peer to peer), find locations of ATMs and branches, check currency exchange rates, pay bills, make purchases via NFC & QR identification, utilize recurring payments, participate in loyalty & discount programs, and receive robust analytics directly from their smart phones, as well as access other services commonly offered by visiting a bank branch. All this functionality is just one touch away, as opposed to wasting precious time by physically going to the bank branch and waiting in lines.
Doocat Wallet comprised of comprehensive, interconnected features that help Financial Service Providers, Telcos, E-Payment Systems, and Others offer easy, secure mobile financial services and create new sources of sustainable revenue. Doocat goes well beyond the basic balance related functions of many applications, with everything from full bill payments, P2P transfers, mobile-commerce via NFC/QR/Cell number identification, recurring payments, fund transfers to retail purchases, etc. End Users can send, spend and receive money right from their mobile devices.
  • Secured Solution
  • Digital Operations
  • 24/7 Customer Support
DOOCAT Social Banking
Never before, has Social been so well integrated into mobile payments and commerce. Doocat Social Banking is the unique and new generation innovative platform leading the way to a whole new era. Mobile devices will be used for not only banking but for all the social and networking uses and benefits Mobile users now expect. DOOCAT is the first such mobile platform integrating, combining simultaneously, social and banking for the millions, and enabling banks to provide all this.
  • Enabling bank’s members to search, find and network one another.
  • Enabling bank’s members to chat, exchange texts, photos and videos.
  • Enabling bank’s members to transfer money via secured chat.
Doocat Modules
Mobile Banking

M-Banking Module:

Doocat users can simply add or remove cards & bank accounts, check balances for those attached accounts, transfer between user cards & accounts at the same bank, transfer funds to the other banks, make peer to peer money transfers, view transactions history, bank’s currency, exchange rates & conversions, ATM & branch locations, and other.

DOOCAT can be used in all types of points of sales
DOOCAT’s unique advantages include full Commerce and Payment solutions.
Transacting purchases is one of the key powerful functions of DOOCAT, not offered by others.
In almost all other providers, Mobile Banking only entails bank balance related functions.